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EMTELLI Co., Ltd. succeeded in developing the world's first electromagnetic wave-based 'Golf Ball Quality Tester'
Name : Admin 2022.05.02

EMTELLI Co., Ltd. (CEO Hwang Keum Cheol) announced that it has succeeded in developing the world's first electromagnetic wave-based golf ball quality tester that can quantify the uniformity of golf balls by improving the limitations of existing golf ball quality inspection equipment.





EMTELLI Co., Ltd. is a venture company established by CEO Hwang based on the know-how accumulated over the past 20 years in the field of radio waves and antenna engineering, and is currently in Sungkyunkwan University's Startup Center.

Currently, in the case of tour-class golf balls that have completed quality inspections, about 16.7% of defective golf balls exist and these products are supplied to consumers. Since defects in golf balls have a great influence on the golf game, consumers have a strong desire for golf balls that are the closest to symmetry and have consistent characteristics.

However, X-ray is the only one in the case of unbalanced problems and defective quality inspection equipment that may occur when manufacturing golf balls. In the case of X-rays, fatal defects inside the golf ball can be selected, but it is also difficult to predict the performance of the golf ball because it is difficult to quantify the quality of the golf ball several times.

To improve these problems, Hwang Keum Cheol, CEO of EMTELLI Co., Ltd., developed BallSightTM, the world's first electromagnetic wave-based golf ball quality tester.

CEO Hwang said, "Unlike the existing golf ball quality test, the EM-based golf ball quality test is an innovative technology that can quantitatively change the paradigm of the existing image-based qualitative quality test because electromagnetic waves quantify the characteristics of electromagnetic waves received through the golf ball."




In addition, "The front of the golf ball rotates without any problem of cutting or inspecting a plane that is not contained in an X-ray to check the cross-section of the golf ball, and the symmetry of the perfect ball and the eccentricity of the inner cores can be quantitatively confirmed based on thousands of transmission coefficients. Because it is a real-time, non-contact, and non-destructive quality test, the economy is also excellent," he said.

For quantitative evaluation of symmetry, BallSightTM defines the difference between the sum of the maximum transmission coefficients and the minimum transmission coefficient (Sum Of Deviation, SOD) and uses it as a measure of quality. Golf balls with lower deviation showed more consistent performance, and SOD measured through BallSightTM showed a significant difference in the same type of golf balls of the same manufacturer. In addition, in the hit test according to SOD using the golf swing robot and GC QUAD golf ball flight analysis device owned by the Sports Industry Technology Center (, it was confirmed that the group of golf balls with lower SOD showed consistent performance.






EMTELLI Co., Ltd. is currently improving hardware and software to maximize reliability and commercialize the developed prototype, and is seeking to transfer technology to golf ball manufacturers with the goal of the second half of 2022.

If BallSightTM is supplied to golf ball manufacturers, it will not only increase confidence in bad golf ball screening techniques during the manufacturing process, but also help players improve their performance on the tour by providing uniform, especially predictable golf balls to tour professionals.


Source: NewsQ ( Reporter Jang Myeong-gu)