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EMTELLI Co., Ltd. selects a project to support commercialization of the Korea Radio Promotion Association Association
Name : Admin 2022.05.02

The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Radio Promotion Association (RAPA) have conspired to support the commercialization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the radio industry in 2022.


The above project was promoted to revitalize the industry and establish a foundation for growth of SMEs by promoting commercialization of domestic SMEs with excellent technology and creative ideas in the fields of convergence such as medical care and autonomous vehicles using radio waves.

EMTELLI Co., Ltd. participated in the "2022 Small and Medium Business Productization Support Project" with a product called "Electromagnetic-Based Golf Ball Quality Tester" and was selected for the contest.​

In this contest, he participated in the development and manufacturing of antennas and radio wave application devices, and registered the above product, which is a non-destructive inspection equipment for golf balls.

This product aims to upgrade and industrialize a non-contact and non-destructive inspection equipment system that can detect changes in the characteristics of electromagnetic waves transmitting golf balls through high-sensitivity transmitting antennas and RF circuits and process high-speed signals in real time.


The current technologies include high-sensitivity antenna design technology, driving part design for stable rotation of golf balls, electromagnetic wave measurement environment optimization structure design technology for accurate measurement of golf balls, and non-contact/non-destructive analysis mechanism software technology based on electromagnetic wave measurement. Our company is expected to accelerate the optimization of high-sensitivity antennas, drives, and electromagnetic wave measurement environments and improve measurement structures through RAPA's commercialization support project.

In addition, we intend to develop an SOD index that can improve the GUI convenience of software for user convenience and efficient quality inspection, and quantify the relationship between the hitting characteristics of golf balls and the measured permeability coefficient results through improved hardware and software. It will then proceed with the miniaturization of products that guarantee test reliability, stability of the measurement environment, and quantitative characteristics, and commercialization of the system in a form that is easy for consumers to use.