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EMTELLI CO., Ltd. was selected as the initial start-up package of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Name : Admin 2022.05.07

EMTELLI CO., Ltd. was selected for the contest by participating in the "2022 Early Startup Package" held by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups under the theme of "Electromagnetic Technology-Based Golf Ball Quality Tester."


The "2022 Early Startup Package" is a project to support business stabilization and growth through commercialization funds and childcare programs for early start-ups with promising start-up items and high-end technologies.


EMTELLI CO., Ltd. participated in the competition as the company's start-up item "BallSightTM" in the development and manufacturing of antenna and radio wave application devices, and through this support project, we are planning to convert our products to a high-speed and automation system.


If you cut the golf ball and check the cross section, you will find many balls with the inner core tilted in a specific direction. The imbalance of golf balls is a problem that all golf ball manufacturers are aware of, but cannot solve. The only way to check the eccentricity of a golf ball is to float it on a high-density liquid, but it takes a long time to screen and is not suitable for application in the production process. ​


Therefore, EMTELLI CO., Ltd. has developed a system that can select high-quality golf balls with uniform and close symmetry by measuring the tilt and eccentricity of the inner core of the golf ball using electromagnetic waves. As a result of the quality inspection using this technology, it was possible to clearly identify the difference in quantitative eccentricity and performance among the same product group. When this technology enters the market, it will not only provide irreplaceable golf ball screening technology to manufacturers, but also significantly reduce the manufacturing process of golf ball manufacturers to increase competitiveness.


Although a manual prototype system based on EM simulation has been designed, it is necessary to switch to a high-speed and automation system to transfer technology to a golf ball manufacturer.


Through this support project, we will develop domestic products that can secure competitiveness in the global market by signing contracts with golf ball manufacturers that show willingness to apply technology after prototyping and market testing.